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Whether you are seeking a
coach or are a coach,
ICF North Texas (ICF NT)
is the best professional
coaching resource in
Dallas/Fort Worth!



Whether you are seeking a
coach or are a coach,
ICF North Texas (ICF NT)
is the best professional
coaching resource in
Dallas/Fort Worth!



Whether you are seeking a
coach or are a coach,
ICF North Texas (ICF NT)
is the best professional
coaching resource in
Dallas/Fort Worth!



Whether you are seeking a
coach or are a coach,
ICF North Texas (ICF NT)
is the best professional
coaching resource in
Dallas/Fort Worth!

HomePresident's Message

Midwinter Transitions at ICF-NT … Time to Reflect, Rest and Renew!

Midwinter signals the year is ending. It gives me a pause—to walk in the woods or sit by the
fire—where I can take stock of the past year, rest with a long winter’s nap and then begin dreaming
for the New Year.

When I honor these transitions, I am renewed by:

1. Marking the endings. As you do, I send out my final invoices for the year, reviewing those
proposals that didn’t get approved and celebrating those that did. Taking inventory reminds
me of the clients I enjoyed and those that remained ‘challenging’ to the end! I always relish
throwing out old files and, especially, papers that I’ve graded for students who have
graduated. Cleaning out and making space for the new somehow cleans the cobwebs in my
own mind, as well. This year, I also put behind me my role as your chapter President with fond
memories of chapter highlights, regional retreats and an international Global Leader Forum.
Each week, I have relied on this wonderful 2017 Board to rally to action and adventure. I have
never been so proud to be part of a team!

2. Enjoying a rest. The cold and dark of winter invites me to snuggle with the pups, a blanket
and a cup of tea on the sofa to ‘be’ and not ‘do.’ I may watch a favorite movie or read fiction
or poetry or magazines that have stacked up on the coffee table all year long. If I get inspired,
I might get up to cook a new recipe or write a letter to a friend. I ‘let go’ of professional
pursuits and take advantage of semester break to give my mind a rest, too. My only venture
out might be the ICF-NT Board retreat where we all get to reflect and regroup together, then
reset for another amazing year.

3. Dreaming of possibilities. When I let myself wander and wonder in the dark of the
unknown, something new usually emerges. Like a star twinkling in the night—it could be
something novel or simply a new twist to an old pattern. As Past President next year, I look
forward to what the new Board of Directors will choose to explore. With Catherine Oleksiw at
the helm as our incoming President, I’m sure there will be surprises sprinkled amidst new
strategies! I will find a different niche, a new rhythm and a renewed perspective. My transition
will end and an exciting new journey will begin.

Happy Holidays and Transitions to you all at ICF-NT!

Connect with me at


Jude Olson, PhD, ACC

ICF-NT President




Welcome to September


The major summer heat is behind us and I am really looking forward to autumn. Over the summer months, your board team members have been very busy with upcoming events.


Our Laser Coaching event, celebrating Coaching Week, is with the Girls Scouts on September 7 during their regional mangers meeting. Steve Coxsey has been working on ensuring that this a great experience for both the Girl Scouts and the volunteer coaches. It is a great time for ICF-certified coaches to give the experience of coaching to those who have never received it before. If you are interested in participating at the event on September 7, please contact Steve Coxsey.


The September program features our very own Valerie Sokolosky on Personal Branding. This topic is Valerie’s niche and she is going to share her wisdom from ten years of experience in Fortune 500 organizations on what it takes to own your personal brand. You can thank Laurel Rolls for scheduling this program as well as all the other great programs this year.


The Prism Symposium is in the final planning stages. Pam Van Dyke and the Prism committee are quickly filling in all the gaps for the October 6 event. We are looking for a few more volunteers to assist on the day of the event and I am personally asking you to please consider it.


We need the following volunteers in order to provide a great experience for the attendees and make the Prism Symposium a success:


·         Registration Table Coordinator (1 or 2): Register attendees on the day of the event and create nametags prior to the event.

·         Sponsor Coordination: Sponsors set-up and main contact.  Also, assist with some of the table decorations.

·         Photographer: Take photos throughout the day.

·         Greeters/Guides (3 to 4): Direct attendees to the various activities during the day.


Please contact our Prism board chair, Pam Van Dyke (817-726-9948) or me (469-994-9326) if you would like to volunteer.


The American Airlines C.R. Smith museum is closing the doors to the general public for the day. We will have the entire museum to ourselves and all attendees will be free to look around at their leisure. We are also hoping to have some American Airlines team members in the museum to share some of the history with attendees.


Prism Symposium brief:


·         Date:       Thursday, October 6

·         Time:      9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

·         Venue:    American Airlines C.R. Smith museum (

·         Keynote: Kate Canales (

·         Theme:   Design and Innovation in Coaching

·         Caterer:  Wendy Krispen Caterer (


“Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible;

and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

~ Francis of Assisi


Randy Fernandes, CPCC, ACC